The National Forum for Assertive Outreach is a grassroots organisation which was brought together by Kath Dixon in 1998. The Forum was set up initially to meet the need for mutual practitioner support and champion coordinated and faithful applications of the assertive outreach model.

With initial support from the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health the forum set up regular, free regional network meetings for Assertive Outreach Teams run by Regional Coordinators.  Along side this was a National Steering Group made up of the eight Regional Coordinators, a Voluntary Sector Representative and specialist Co-opted Members.  This group, in consultation with the regions, developed the structure and constitution that form the organisation that is in existence today.

In 2001 NFAO held its inaugural national conference in Oxford.  Establishing itself as an independent organisation, the Forum was able to hold is first Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2002.  This saw the acceptance of the constitution allowing the Forum in April 2003 to use its membership to elect its Executive Officers and Regional Coordinators.  The constitution was recently updated in 2007 and maintains this democratic representation.

As a practitioner focused organisation the NFAO aims to:
  • Increase knowledge and good practice in Assertive Outreach
  • Disseminate good practice in Assertive Outreach at a Regional and National level
  • Identify and promote quality services
  • Develop the quality agenda in Assertive Outreach
  • Represent the membership’s views at a Regional, National and International level.